FALL 1994

Published by SHMEION ANAFORAS / Point of Reference
A registered non-profit student organization of Harvard University

Table of Contents

The Holy Mountain: A Pilgrimage to Mt. Athos
by M. Broustas
A Young Pilgrim's Journey to the Exclusive World at the Center of Greek Orthodoxy

Women as Heroes: Bearers of Fertility and Horai
by D. Koutsoukos
The Mortal Conspirators of Hera Ensure the Continuity and Seasonality of Greek Society

by Y. Chouliaras, translated by D.Mason

Key of Socrates
by Y. Chouliaras, translated by D.Mason

Reflections on Twenty Years of Democracy in Greece
by S. Thomadakis
A Review of the Political Economy of the Second Greek Republic

The Cabaret
by Y. Chouliaras, translated by D.Mason

Herakleitus in the Water
by Y. Chouliaras, translated by D.Mason

The Influence of Thucydides in the Modern World
by A. Kemos
The Father of Political Realism Plays a Key Role in Current Balance of Power Theories

The Transition to Innocence in the Twentieth Century
by C. Abazis
The American Experience is Necessary in this Hard Step for Humanity

by M. Sifakis

Suggestions for an Improved Environmental Conscience
by N. Tymbanidis
Our Survival on Earth is Dependent on an "Umbilical Cord" That Connects us With Nature

Reinforced Concrete-Based Architecture in Greece
by T. Doxiadis
An overview of the creation of Tsimentoupolis as a result of the rapid growth of cities.

New Geography
by Y. Chouliaras, translated by D.Mason