Reflections. . .

by Fanny Papageorgiou

It is said that people talk to break through their solitude, while they write in order to prolong it.
Point of reference in a mercurial world where meaning is verbally elusive.

Time and energy are inherently limited commodities.
Moments of awareness may flash in your life, provide you with direction and the sense of infinite futility.
Point of reference as an esoteric glimpse.

Sometimes you feel the complete silence of the void you live in.
You try to fill it in with materialistic utopias and mass-produced dreams.
Point of reference in an intellectually pretentious world.

Where loss is redefined as neutrality, you try to preserve what you think you possess.
Point of reference in the land of absence.
The more you define your freedom the more you lose it.
Poetry is the colour of limits.
Point of reference as a space within your mind.


Fanny Papageorgiou is a student at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University.