FALL 1995

Published by SHMEION ANAFORAS / Point of Reference
A registered non-profit student organization of Harvard University

Table of Contents


Issues of Greek Foreign Policy
Greek President Stephanopoulos Speaks to Harvard Audience

The Making of an Ancient Site
Travellers, Farmers, and Archaeologists in Nineteenth Century Nemea
by Susan Buck Sutton

The Current Financing of Health Services in Greece
Formenting Collaboration Between the Public Sector and Private Health Insurance Industry
by Lycourgos L. Liazopoulos

for Anna Kontogeorge
by Dean Kostos

Despina's Rug
by Dean Kostos

A Foreign Economic Policy for Greece
The Father of Political Realism Plays a Key Role in Current Balance of Power Theories
by Panos Mourdoukoutas

On Agios Nikolaos of the Greeks in New York City
by Niki Pontika

Yesterday and Today: Environmental Conscience
Our Survival on Earth is Dependent on an "Umbilical Cord" That Connects us With Nature
by Angeliki E. Laiou

The Path of the Flame
by Niki Pontika

The Holy Typography: On Greece
by Michael S. Macrakis