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The Hellenic Resources Institute was founded by a group of young Greek academics and professionals in May, 1993. HRI is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Athens, Greece and is an independent, non-profit organization whose goal is to create a link between the Greek public policy maker and academicians, professionals, entrepreneurs and scientists of the Greek diaspora and the international community. In the words of Board member, Monteagle Stearns, former U.S. Ambassador to Greece, "Hellenic Resources mobilizes the brainpower and energies of an exceptionally talented group of young Greeks abroad to influence public policy constructively."

The mission of the Institute is to open the lines of communication between the Greek diaspora and Greek public policy makers, in order to mobilize and utilize the expertise and resources available to fortify the public policy and decision-making processes in Greece. Most importantly, the underlying premise of HRI is to focus on issues such as the economy, education, health, and foreign policy in the context of a multi-partisan perspective that will influence the long-term development of Greece.

The purpose of the Hellenic Resources Institute, Inc. (HRI) is to help revitalize the role of Hellenism in the rapidly changing global agenda. Its goal is to enrich, promote and facilitate informed policy decisions pertaining to Greek issues and to anticipate the areas from which new policy challenges will emerge. To achieve its goal it mobilizes experts of the international community to consult with Greek policy makers.

HRI maintains a non-partisan stance towards all policy makers and encourages participation from a wide spectrum of political and disciplinary views, both in formulation and in dissemination of policy analysis.

HRI at the moment, is the only non-profit organization solely dedicated to mobilizing a broad base of knowledge and expertise for the benefit of public policy making in Greece. HRI Board member and former Governor of Massachusetts Michael S. Dukakis says of HRI, "I am excited by the potential contributions of this nonpartisan organization to the peaceful political and economic development of Greece. It deserves our strong encouragement and support."

HRI, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has created a network of autonomous, project-oriented groups called Hellenic Resources Groups (HRGs). HRI functions as a centralized body that helps monitor and coordinate the various tasks of the HRGs and communicates ideas to and from the groups and to and from policy makers. HRI is made up from three administrative bodies:

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