Article 1

For the purposes of this Convention:
Internal borders           shall mean the common land borders of the
                           Contracting Parties, their airports for
                           internal flights and their sea ports for
                           regular trans-shipment connections exclusively
                           from or to other ports within the territories
                           of the Contracting Parties not calling at any
                           ports outside those territories;

External borders           shall mean the Contracting Parties' land and
                           sea borders and their airports and sea ports,
                           provided they are not internal borders;

Internal flight            shall mean any flight exclusively to or from
                           territories of the Contracting Parties not
                           landing within the territory of a Third State;

Third State                shall mean any State other than the
                           Contracting Parties;

Alien                      shall mean any person other than a national of
                           a Member State of the European Communities;

Alien reported as a        shall mean any alien listed reported as a
person not to be           person not to be permitted entry in the
permitted entry            Schengen Information System in accordance with
                           Article 96;

Border crossing point      shall mean any crossing point authorized by
                           the competent authorities for the crossing of
                           external borders;

Border control             shall mean a check made at a border in
                           response solely to an intention to cross that
                           border, regardless of any other consideration.

Carrier                    shall mean any natural or legal person whose
                           occupation it is to provide passenger
                           transport by air, sea or land;

Residence permit           shall mean an authorization of any type issued
                           by a Contracting Party giving the right of
                           residence within its territory. This
                           definition shall not include temporary
                           admission to residence within the territory of
                           a Contracting Party for the purpose of the
                           processing of an application for asylum or
                           an application for a residence permit;

Application for asylum     shall mean any application submitted in
                           writing, orally or otherwise by an alien at an
                           external border or within the territory of a
                           Contracting Party with a view to obtaining
                           recognition as a refugee in accordance with
                           the Geneva Convention of 28 July 1951 relating
                           to the Status of Refugees, as amended by the
                           New York Protocol of 31 January 1967 and as
                           such obtaining the right of residence;

Applicant for asylum       shall mean any alien who has submitted an
                           application for asylum within the meaning of
                           this Convention, on which no final decision
                           has been taken;

Processing of an appli-    shall mean all the procedures for examining
cation for asylum          and taking a decision on an application for
                           asylum, including measures taken in
                           implementation of a final decision thereon,
                           with the exception of the determination of the
                           Contracting Party responsible for the
                           processing of an application for asylum under
                           this Convention.

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