RESOLUTION 247 (1968)

Adopted by the Security Council on 18 March 1968

The Security Council,

Noting from the report of the Secretary-General of 9 March 1968 (S/ 8446) that in the present circumstances the United Nations PeaceKeeping Force in Cyprus is still needed if peace is to be maintained in the island.

Noting that the Government of Cyprus has agreed that in view of the prevailing conditions in the island it is necessary to continue the Force beyond 26 March 1968,

Noting from the observations in the report, the new conditions prevailing in the island,

  1. Reaffirms its resolutions 186 (1964) of 4 March , 187(1964) of 13 March, 192(1964) of 20 June, 193(1964) of 9 August, 194(1964) of 25 September and 198(1964) of 18 December 1964, 201(1965) of 19 March, 206(1965) of 15 June, 207(1965) of 10 August and 219(1965) of 17 December 1965, 220( 1966) of 16 March, 222(1966) of 16 June, 231(1966) of 15 December 1966, 238(1967) of 19 June and 244(1967) of 22 December 1967; and the consensus expressed by the President at the 1143rd meeting on 11 August 1964 and at the 1 383rd meeting of 25 November 1967;
  2. Urges the parties concerned to act with the utmost restraint, and to continue determined cooperative efforts to achieve the objectives of the Security Council by availing themselves in a constructive manner of the present auspicious climate and opportunities;
  3. Extends once more the stationing in Cyprus of the United Nations Peace-Keeping Force established under Security Council resolution 186 (1964), for a further period of three months ending 26 June 1968, in the expectation that by then sufficient progress towards a final solution will make possible a withdrawal or substantial reduction of the Force.

Adopted unanimously at the 1398th meeting.