RESOLUTION 207 (1965)

Adopted by the Security Council on 10 August 1965

The Security Council,

Noting the report of the Secretary-General on 29th July 1965, (S/ 6569) stating that recent developments in Cyprus have increased tension in the island,

Noting further the reports of the Secretary-General of 2nd August (S/ 6586) and 5th August (S/6569/Add. 1), and 10 August 1965, (S/6569/Add. 2)

Having heard the statements of the interested parties,

  1. Reaffirms the resolution 186 (1964) of 4th March, 1964;
  2. Calls upon the parties, in conformity with the above resolution, to avoid any action which is likely to worsen the situation.

Adopted unanimously at the 1236th meeting.